On-site wastewater disposal with NO pumping

3 Chamber System

Each chamber uses both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to break down solids. The first chamber holds black water, the second gray water, and the third holds clean water.

Industry Proven Techniques

Hydrocor uses Corrugation specifically designed to break down solids, Air pumps that run at proprietary oxygen cycles, and a UV light chamber to remove harmful microscopic bacteria.

Odorless Colorless Water

Black sewage goes in and water cleaner than reclaimed comes out. Water that is both odorless and colorless and often halves the NSF/ANSI water standard for watering crops.

No Sludge

No pumping is required as the Hydrocor tank can process all biological solids from residential waste. Never worry about sewage spilling into your leech field again.


We are 3rd party tested. We have a full production model. We have the historical proof this works. Now, we just need NSF funding to get certified. 

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Torn between installing a value-degrading septic tank or paying huge costs to connect to a sewer? Our certified no-pump solution gives you a cost effective, premium solution.

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Our patented no-pumping phenomena is going to be the new standard in onsite treatment. Find out how you can partner with us and make a personal difference in the world today. 

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Are you a homeowner currently using a  septic tank? Sick of the smelly yard and constant need to pump your old septic tank/alternate system? Hydrocor™ has a solution for you.

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NSF/ANSI Standards

These standards are for the EPA's qualifications for watering crops. This water is not drinkable.
3rd Party Test Results
Standard NSF/ANSI 40 Standard HydroCor Zeta
Total Suspended Solids 30 mg/L 1 mg/L
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) 25 mg/L 13 mg/L
pH Range 6.0-9.0 8.0
Tests conducted by Babcock Laboratories. Riverside, CA. www.babcocklabs.com