Zeta is the most SIMPLE, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE solution for on-site wastewater disposal that does NOT require pumping.

We utilize and combine use of only the simplest and well proven methods of wastewater treatment.
3 Chamber System
Allows for no carry over of sludge or scum.
Industry Proven Techniques
Naturally occurring bacteria, settling and UV disinfection.
Odorless Colorless Water
Meets all national standards from third party test results.
No Sludge
Unlike many other ATUs, no pumping is required.


Proven techniques used in the septic industry.


Our proprietary method fits the inside of the tank with jagged edges specifically designed to physically break down tough solids much quicker than current market solutions.

Air Pumps

Air pumps push enough oxygen through the tank at proprietary oxygen cycles specifically designed to stimulate the formation of aerobic bacteria.

UV Light

For disinfection, water passes through a UV light chamber as the last step removing most harmful microscopic bacteria.


"Aeration has been a primary method for treating municipal and industrial wastewater for more than 40 years" - Stefanie Gregg for Water World


Bacteria that requires oxygen thrives when the air pumps are on. This bacteria breaks down the waste in the water cleaning it for a hastened natural biological reaction.


Opposite of AEROBIC bacteria, anaerobic bacteria thrives in non-oxygenated environments and consumes organic matter in the wastewater that aerobic bacteria is not able to break down.


Septic/Alternate Treatment Unit/Hydrocor Zeta.... What's the difference?

Septic Tank Alternative Treatment Units Hydrocor ZETA
Disposes residential waste X X X
Single family residence capacity X X X
Multi family residence capacity X X X
Requires electricity X X
Independent of soil condition X* X
Can develop in sensitive areas X* X
Conserves water through re-use X* X
Disinfects water X** X
Pump powered discharge (for hills) X** X
Voluntary maintenance plan X
Large retailer replacement part availability X
No pumping required X
Average life 25 years 20-40 years 60 Years

* Contingent on if the ATU comes with a disinfection step (Ozone, UV, Chlorination, etc)

** Usually as an optional extra (Disinfection unit, Submersible Pump, etc.)


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